R. J. Groves - Author


"Two Babies Too Many"

 When one just isn't enough...

When Macie watches Reese, the man of her dreams and best friend, slip right through her fingers, she succumbs to the fact that he'll never be hers - he never was. But when she finds herself being Reese's first call for help, she realises that feelings aren't so hard to forget after all. At least she'll have two seven-month-old boys to keep her busy. 

Looking after kids shouldn't be too hard...right?

**A romantic comedy that's so funny, it hurts.**

Release date: 13th October 2017

You can preorder "Two Babies Too Many" here.


"Writing You"

She’s a twenty-nine-year-old, unemployed, aspiring writer who hasn’t so much as had a first kiss, let alone a first date.

He’s a thirty-four-year-old, self-sufficient bartender who knows how to treat a woman right. 

She’s looking for inspiration. 

He happens to be at the wrong places at the right times.

Set in Australia, "Writing You" is a sweet romance novella - perfect for a light read.

You can purchase "Writing You" here.


"To Fall For You"

When Emma is shocked to the core by a surprise break-up, the sudden arrival of the 'new girl at school' sends her into a frenzy and pushes her down a journey of heartbreak and betrayal. Will Emma be able to overcome life's hurdles and learn to love again?

After spending her life moving around and facing troubles of her own, Renée is glad to be in her last year of school. That is, until she meets Emma. Will Renée be able to find acceptance and friendship in her new town?

You can purchase "To Fall For You" here.

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